How To Earn Passive Income in Real Estate through Private Lending

How To Earn Passive Income in Real Estate through Private Lending

Passive Real Estate Investing Opportunities Cincinnati

Making money through the buying and selling of properties can be highly lucrative. This process gives you the best potential for ROI. As things stand now, real estate is one of the safest forms of investments with ROIs of up to 15%.

How Private Lending works
A Private lender (like you) lends an investor (like us) the money they need to purchase a property at 10-15%. Once the purchase is complete, the investor either rehabilitates and renovate the property for resale or buy and hold for long term passive income. The two parties sign a promissory note or promise to pay. The lenders money is secured by the asset (real estate) so their investment is secure. Should the investor default the lender can take the property back and resell it to get their money back and then some. The Private lender is completely protected and receives monthly interest payments for their investment until the investor refinances or cashes out the lender- be it 1 year or 5 years

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